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What sparks innovation and what stops it?

How can our working environment inspire inventiveness? What practices help us become openminded, sharp, and ready to generate new ideas? Liquid Agency brought together top innovation thinkers—including Intel’s famed cultural anthropologist Genevieve Bell—for a provocative discussion at Elizabeth Leach Gallery as part of Design Week Portland. If you weren’t in Portland for the event, you can now enjoy the conversation from wherever you may be.


Liquid Agency presents:
What sparks innovation? A panel discussion moderated by Marty Neumeier
Featuring Mohan Nair, Michael Shea, Genevieve Bell, and Jeff Faulkner

Design Week Portland
October 7, 2014
Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Additional content related to our Design Week Portland panel can be found below including exclusive interviews with panelists and Marty’s post-event thoughts on Huffington Post.

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