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Scramble is out! The race to transform company culture through agile strategy has begun.

The day is here! After five years of research, experimentation, and writing, Scramble: How Agile Strategy Can Build Epic Brands, has finally hit the streets.

Scramble is the story of a young CEO who is given only five weeks to reimagine his company—or else. The only way he and his team can accomplish this feat is by learning a faster and better approach to planning: agile strategy.

I wrote the book as a thriller because I felt fiction would be the most truthful way to show how agile strategy works in real life. Non-fiction books leave out the messy, frustrating, hair-raising experiences that people face when collaborating under pressure. It’s why readers think business books are unrealistic—and often don’t finish them.

I guarantee you’ll finish this one. The characters are vivid, the situations engaging, the pace relentless. When you get to end you’ll find a recap of the agile strategy principles that animate the story so you can easily refer back to them. Here’s what you’ll learn from reading the book:
– how to lead or contribute to an agile-strategy team
– how to deploy the five Qs of strategy and the five Ps of design thinking
– the true relationships among purpose, mission, vision, and goals
– why problem-framing is more important than problem-solving
– the simplest and most profound test of positioning strategy
– why you should start with customer needs, not company needs
– how to brainstorm for highest-common-denominator results
– how to use “swarming” for faster, smarter brand strategy

Our teams at Liquid have been testing and improving these principles for half a decade across a wide range of clients including GE, Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, Jeep, Nasdaq, and Nike. Now we’re now ready to share them with your team.

Are you a print person? An ebook person? An audiobook person? All three formats are available now. Get copies for your whole group and be ready to scramble! Buy now.

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