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Pre-launch news roundup for Scramble

Our own Marty Neumeier, author of the forthcoming “business thriller” Scramble, has an eye for brand expertise. The reviewers who appear on the book jacket are a Who’s Who of thought leaders in brand strategy and management. Here are their quotes about Scramble, and a little about each of their own books. All are highly recommended by Liquid.

Robert Jones:
“For years, Neumeier’s designer mind has made complex business ideas beautiful. But this book goes to a new level. His storytelling superpowers transmute business strategy into an unputdownable thriller. Porter meets Grisham—but better.”

Jones teaches brand leadership at University of East Anglia, and knows whereof he speaks. He’s a strategy lead for the fabled consultancy Wolff Olins in London. His little book, Branding: A Very Short Introduction, is a gem. It organizes the best thinking on brand into a slim softcover with just the right amount of information to get you started.

Denise Lee Yohn:
Scramble is the culmination and ultimate compilation of Marty Neumeier’s groundbreaking books. He brings to life the principles of agile brand-building through a fun and creative narrative that also teaches valuable leadership lessons. Scramble takes its rightful place among my collection of Marty’s books, which I refer to as bibles.”

Yohn burst on the scene with What Great Brands Do, a book that gives leaders a full set of principles and tools to build world-class brands. She took it one step further with Fusion, a manual for building a world-class culture on top of a great brand. Her books are straight to the point and chock-full of practical to-do items.

Niraj Dawar:
“Jump right into the heart of the action—and into the realities of strategy formulation—with this thriller from brand guru Marty Neumeier. He pulls no punches. He’ll have you rooting for the survival of the firm through the twists and turns of boardroom drama, and all for a good cause: deeper insight into strategy. This book is a pleasure to read and a delight to think about afterwards.”

Dawar is a professor of marketing at the Ivey School of Business. His book, Tilt: Shifting Your Strategy from Products to Customers, goes to the heart of the question in our customer-centric age: Where should leaders put their limited resources? Answer: Downstream where brands are. He offers compelling evidence and a clear argument for organizational change.

Kit Yarrow:
“Renowned marketer and strategist Marty Neumeier uses his terrific storytelling talents to showcase the intensity and complexity of modern business strategy. Is it a novel? A case book? A textbook? A business book? It’s all of those things and more. Scramble is a fresh, engaging way to learn how business transformation really works, from heart-pounding deadlines to the touchy challenge of teamwork. Whether you’re a student or experienced business professional, you’ll find countless insights and reasons to love this book.”

Yarrow is a professor of consumer psychology who makes the best case yet for
paying attention to the interior lives of today’s customers. Her book, Decoding the New Consumer Mind, is a clarion call for grounding marketing efforts in real customer needs, whether tangible or intangible. Her writing style makes absorbing this important material both effortless and fun.

Eric Ryan:
“Marty’s book is not only ABOUT design thinking, but a perfect example OF it. He leverages the power of story to show how it feels to lead through creative collaboration. Scramble is essential reading for anyone building a business or brand in today’s hypercompetitive environment. I highly recommend my rivals avoid it.”

Ryan, the witty co-founder of the soap company Method, used brand principles to crowbar the company’s products into the fiercely defended shelves of major supermarkets. One of Method’s secrets is a lively culture that encourages innovative thinking and quick reaction time. He and his partner Adam Lowry reveal a number of surprising lessons in their book, The Method Method. It’s smart smart.

Take advantage of the generosity and genius of these authors by adding their books to your library. Scramble will be available October 1 in print, ebook, and audiobook versions.

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