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Marty Neumeier and Liquid Agency Collaborate with Google BrandLab to Define Modern Branding Terms

San Jose, Calif. (PRWEB) March 05, 2014

Liquid Agency, an independent brand experience agency, has released The Dictionary of Brand: Google BrandLab Edition, a new must-have reference glossary for brand builders in the modern age. Written by Marty Neumeier and designed by Liquid for Google, the dictionary serves as a principal resource on key industry terminology as part of the BrandLab curriculum. The printed version of The Dictionary of Brand is available exclusively to Google BrandLab participants. A copy is now available for free online from Liquid as part of the agency’s commitment to helping companies build brand values. Download it from

The Dictionary of Brand is a relational glossary containing 500 interconnected terms in brand strategy, advertising, design, innovation, and management. Although many of the terms in the book are widely used by brand specialists, some haven’t yet appeared in other dictionaries and are emerging as key terms for the modern age of brand.

“The Dictionary of Brand is the first step in creating a linguistic foundation that allows specialists from different disciplines to work together in a larger community of practice,” said Marty Neumeier, Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency and author of the book. “Having a shared vocabulary among disciplines supports more successful collaboration, which is necessary for innovation. Greater acceptance and understanding of the relationship of brand terms also strengthens the credibility of the profession as a whole.”

Google BrandLab is an innovative collaborative center dedicated to helping select brands get the most out of the web through education, tools, and workshops.

“We at Google want to help [brands] get the most out of the web. We believe a shared language will inspire all of us to achieve great things together during this incredible age of brand building,” writes Lucas Watson, Vice President of Global Brand Solutions at Google, in the forward of the dictionary.

About the author

Marty Neumeier is a designer, writer, and business adviser whose mission is to bring the principles and processes of creativity to modern business. His recent book, Metaskills, explores the five essential talents that will drive innovation in the 21st century. Previous books include The Designful Company; ZAG, named one of the “top hundred business books of all time;” and The Brand Gap, considered by many the foundational text for modern brand-building. Neumeier has worked closely with innovators at Apple, Netscape, Sun Microsystems, HP, Adobe, Google, and Microsoft to advance their brands and cultures. In his current role as Director of Transformation for Liquid Agency, Neumeier advises clients on brand experience and leads workshops on the topics of innovation, brand, and design.

About Liquid Agency

Liquid Agency advances brands and business through Silicon Valley Thinking. With brand at their core, they create holistic brand experiences that help companies create greater value. They work in partnership with their clients in a highly collaborative way – one that favors experimentation, curiosity and big thinking.

Founded in 2000, Liquid has grown into one of the top brand experience agencies rooted in the Silicon Valley. Today, they have US offices in San Jose, San Francisco, Portland, and New York, and international offices in Nottingham, UK and Santiago, Chile. Liquid is committed to delivering effective brand experiences through their Silicon Valley Thinking approach, and culture of innovation. Their work encompasses brand strategy, brand identity, brand marketing, environmental branding, employee branding, digital branding and brand management. Liquid has helped launch new products and new companies, and helped revitalize existing brands; delivered complete retail merchandising solutions, interactive branding programs, integrated marketing campaigns, and comprehensive environmental branding projects. Liquid has worked with a diverse set of global clients including Adobe, Cisco, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Nike, Sony and Walmart.

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