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Marty Neumeier to kickoff AIGA Gain design & business conference

As the Industrial Age grinds to a halt, the “Robotic Age” is picking up speed. In the next few decades we’ll see the acceleration of man-machine collaboration, with computers becoming more human and humans becoming more creative. Where will that leave us? Scrambling to stay ahead of the Robot Curve—a cycle of creative destruction that puts downward pressure on the cost and value of work. Today’s industries no longer need their workers to be robots. They have robots.

The good news is that the Robot Curve can work to our advantage.

the robot curveThose who master five “metaskills”—the deep-level talents of feeling, seeing, dreaming, making, and learning—can rise to the top of the curve, where they’ll enjoy a high degree of creativity, fulfillment, and influence.

In this fascinating talk (October 23–24, NYC), author Marty Neumeier will take you through the skills you’ll need to swim against the tides of extreme change. By the end you’ll have a clear view of how your special talents can matter in a time of exciting new possibilities.

What you’ll learn:
– how the Robotic Age is transforming the marketplace
– how to ride the Robot Curve to greatness
– the five metaskills we’ll need for creative and business success
– the number-one secret of post-industrial genius


Redesigning Commerce: Changing the face, place, and character of business.

Join the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) for the 2014 “Gain” conference to take a closer look at redesigning business for the future. Culture, economics, and commerce will converge to tackle the tough question businesses and designers face: What is the new shape of business?

Rather than a conversation on the business of design, I think we need a conversation on the redesign of business. This century is going to see incredible change, but it doesn’t make sense to merely let it happen undirected or unprepared. We need a thoughtful and deliberate approach to designing that change…

Nathan Shedroff

2014 “Gain” conference chair

GAIN: The AIGA Design and Business Conference
New York City October 23–24, 2014

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