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Liquid helps NTT connect with ICT decision makers

NTT America is a division on Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), one of the world’s largest telecommunications services providers. NTT America is leading the sales and marketing efforts in the US, and has asked Liquid Agency’s New York office to help build awareness for the brand with enterprise level companies in the US. One of the first assignments involved a campaign promoting a whitepaper with valuable insights for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) decision makers.

Taking a closer look at cloud adoption from an ICT perspective.


NTT commissioned a research firm to interview about 1,600 ICT decision makers from across the US and Europe and published a whitepaper sharing the perspectives they gathered about the future of cloud computing. The research indicated that while most ICT decisions makers acknowledged that the cloud holds a lot of promise for their organizations, they also fully understood the cloud adoption is not as simple as some may assume. NTT offers solutions that can help make cloud adoption a little less daunting, and wanted to demonstrate NTT’s role as a valued partner, and the whitepaper offered the kind of insights that would be valuable to ICT decision makers. However, the whitepaper needed to be promoted in order to reach its intended audience—and this is why NTT asked us to help.

NTT Infographic

Translating insights into an infographic makes content easily digestible. 

We reviewed the whitepaper and synthesized the most significant insights into a compelling infographic offering an easily digestible visual narrative of the core issues for ICT decision makers. The infographic was designed as a series of independent factoids that could be used by ICT decision makers in presentations designed to convince their management about the advantages of migrating to the cloud—essentially becoming a sales tool for them—and transforming NTT America into a partner that adds value from the very start.

NTT Web-Eblast

The campaign included email, website and social components. 

As part of the campaign, we crafted an email that encouraged recipients to visit a landing page where they could download the infographic—and at the same time they could also download the whitepaper for free—but only after providing NTT with some basic contact info. The campaign is successfully introducing NTT America to a host of enterprise level US companies by positioning them as a trusted resource of valuable insights as well as forward-thinking solutions.

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