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Liquid Bolsters Employee Experience Capabilities By Acquiring Vignette

We pride ourselves on being considered a leading experience design firm in the U.S. But we need to always be pushing ourselves to continue delivering for our clients. To do this, we acquired Vignette, The Employee Experience Agency®, based in Portland, OR.


Vignette is a pioneer in the employee experience space.

Vignette led the way as an employee-centric communications agency, and was at the forefront of what we now know as Employee Experience (EX).

“We are big fans of the work that Vignette has done over the years, and in their ability to attract progressive companies looking for ways to better connect with their employees with their brand’s beliefs,” explained Katie Wagner, VP of Employee Experience at Liquid. “Vignette deepens our bench and broadens our capabilities to help our clients align their employees with their brands—so that companies can best deliver on their brand promises.”

It’s no secret that everyone can see if a company’s employees are delivering on brand. Employees want to work for companies they can believe in. And, when employees believe in the company they can best deliver on the company’s brand promise. That’s why this move makes sense. With Vignette, our combined Employee Experience offering will best enable employees to deliver on brand through communicating a company’s culture tenets intentional employee experiences.

This move underscores our emergence as a leader in the Employee Experience space.
At Liquid, we have our own dynamic Employee Experience capabilities which we have built over the last nine years, and we now have over 20 people across all disciplines engaged and working with clients on Employee Experience initiatives. The addition of Vignette helps bolster those efforts. We believe that this move positions our combined company as the leading employee experience agency in the country, with clients that include Intel, Ann Taylor Companies, Walmart, Silicon Valley Bank, and others.

Vignette co-founder Shona Lepis, who has joined Liquid as Content Marketing Director, noted,

“This is an exciting time for employee experience. Companies are becoming increasingly more aware that their employees have expanding priorities and expectations from their employer and the need to invest in employee experience cannot be ignored. Ultimately, employee experience drives better customer experience, higher productivity, and greater profitability. Your employees are culture creators, first adopters, and brand evangelists—your first line of defense and your biggest asset in engaging your customers.”

She’s right. This is an exciting time. For Employee Experience and for Liquid. The addition of Vignette gives us even more expertise with which to approach clients and their employee and culture needs.

We always have an eye on the future.

We know you can never stop improving. When opportunities arise to help boost your development, you take them.

That’s why bringing Vignette on board is so invigorating. We know where we want to go, and how to get there. And now we have some added expertise and experience to help us along the way.

Welcome, Vignette.

Let’s talk and see how we can help.

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