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Introducing The Dive Shop: A Liquid Experience

At Liquid, we promise our employees the opportunity to unleash their potential to make meaningful brands. That opportunity is offered to anyone who walks through our doors, whether they’ve been in the industry for decades, or are just entering it for the first time. That is because we believe that some of the best thinking comes from those with the freshest perspectives.

The Dive Shop 2019

the dive shop
That’s why we created The Dive Shop: a ten-week immersive experience that allows interns to dive head first into the Liquid way of branding. During this program, interns will have the opportunity to learn and apply more about brand culture design through trainings as well as through hands on client work.

How The Dive Shop works

The Dive Shop is lead by Divemaster Dennis Hahn, who acts as the executive sponsor. In addition to the Divemaster, there is a Dive Leader who is responsible for overseeing things from a discipline level. And then finally, each Diver has their own mentor, or Dive Instructor, who they work with and report to on a day-to-day basis.

Thus far, in week one of the experience, the Divers have taken their time getting acclimated to the waters, undergoing trainings on Liquid’s disciplines, tools and processes. With week three under our belts, the Divers have started getting their hands dirty, helping their Dive Instructors and Dive Leaders on ongoing client projects.

On top of that, the Dive Team is preparing to start their very own client project. That’s right, in addition to assisting on other work, the Dive Team will be working hand-in-hand with a very special client on a real-world branding project. For the majority of the internship The Dive Team will be working towards redefining the brand’s positioning, crafting messaging, and prototyping creative executions using Liquid’s unique Silicon Valley Thinking methodology.

At the end of the internship, The Dive Team will present their findings and a perspective on the brand, as well as their initial brand platform, messaging framework, and creative executions to the client.

Meet the Inaugural Dive Team

dive shop intro
The first ever Dive Team is comprised of seven interns, in three disciplines, across two offices. Overall, there are three project delivery interns, two strategy interns, and two creatives.

Why a structured experience?

For us, The Dive Shop is our way of helping define the future of the industry by building tomorrow’s talent the best way we know how. Come September, we are confident our Divers will surface from their Liquid experience, ready to take on their next adventure. Afterall, in this industry, the best way to learn is to dive right in!

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