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E3 and the disposable app

In the world of E3, disposable apps are the de rigueur alternative to trifold brochures and conference schwag, actively connecting brands with customers to repeatedly deliver moments of relevant content ­ while also helping the conference reduce its environmental impact. We are in an age of app ubiquity and today’s conference apps deliver unprecedented value to attendees and brands throughout multi-day conferences. Brand relevance is increasingly defined through a series of moments of brand connectivity.

The disposable app.


This year at E3, Virtual Reality (VR) stole the show. This led to a massive spike in interest, creating overwhelming demand for conference attendees wanting to try the new gear first-hand. In an act of brand generosity, both PlayStation and Oculus offered a digital queuing system within their apps, giving back time to conference goers that may have been lost waiting for hours in line. Effectively increasing efficiency within E3 as a whole, these apps enabled customers more time to visit a greater number of brands on the floor. Attendees had the ability to share photos, play games, post social commentary, and of course read the most current product marketing materials.

Post-conference, you may find yourself emptying your phone of branded apps, in the same way in past years you might have cleared out pamphlets and business cards before your flight home. Instead of creating paper waste in the form of printed handouts that litter hundreds of hotel rooms left by attendees post-conference, brands chose to create a rich tapestry of social interaction through shared content and increased efficiency throughout E3.

The takeaway: Next time you’re planning your brand’s tradeshow, digital strategy, or collateral, prototype an app solution that creates a connection of brand generosity between you and your customer. In this new era, digital touch-points like apps facilitate experimentation and offer moments of brand relevance that will live well beyond any short-term use.

About Banning Rowles.

PSD_640_Banning_ThumbnailBanning has a combined background in design and business and approaches every project with whole-brain thinking, integrating actionable market insights with customer-centric design solutions. Blending business acumen with a commitment to putting the customer at the heart of every solution, ensures an experience that both delights the target audience and contributes to a company’s bottom line. In the course of his career, Banning has worked with many of the leading brand and design agencies, bringing his thinking to a range of client needs: working with Nokia, Dell, and Philips on their retail experience in China; assisting Philips in the expansion of their new “glowing objects” category; engaging with P&G’s retail team to help them communicate best-in-class European retail practices.

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