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Cinequest. A brand about the magic of film and the power of technology

Cinequest and Liquid Agency have much in common: committed to creativity and innovation, both organizations emerged in the Silicon Valley, the cradle of contemporary technology. We began collaborating a couple years ago to evolve Cinequest’s brand. We designed the brand identity and website for Picture the Possibilities—an extension of Cinequest that empowers youth from across the globe through filmmaking programs. And this year worked with Cinequest to develop a comprehensive branding campaign for the 2014 Cinequest Film Festival, which has been ranked as one of the Top 10 Film Festivals in the world.

Combining film and technology for a better world.

Cinequest_2Cinequest leverages the transformative magic of film and the power of technology—because the combination of these two disciplines can help people everywhere visualize and create a better tomorrow. The organization delivers on its promise through two important programs: Picture the Possibilities is a global initiative that empowers youth to express their vision of a better tomorrow, and the Cinequest Film Festival showcases films by established as well as emerging artists, and breakthrough technology that enables global connectivity between creators, innovators, and audiences. Additionally, its Maverick Spirit Awards recognizes major artists such as Harrison Ford, J.J. Abrams, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Ben Kingsley, Kevin Spacey, Sir Ian McKellen, and many others for their contributions to the industry.

We enjoy working with Cinequest to evolve their brand.

When Cinequest’s co-founders, Halfdan Hussey and Katheen J. Powell, contacted us to discuss the potential of working with them to evolve the Cinequest brand, we were all over it. At Liquid we appreciate organizations that advance and foster culture in our communities. Cinequest does this at a global scale. The project was managed by a small team of people within the agency, working closely and collaboratively with the Cinequest team. We started by crafting a new website for the organization, tackled the identity of their Picture the Possibilities program,and helped the organization start to visualize a social media presence. Next came the opportunity to design the branding for the 2014 Film Festival—which can be seen this week throughout downtown San Jose, while the festival is in full force.


The 2014 Cinequest Film Festival: Connect.

Cinequest’s 2014 theme “Connect” is meant to remind us how powerfully film can connect audiences with human emotions—from love and wonder to sorrow and fear, all the while instilling audiences with excitement, inspiration, and curiosity. “Connect” also refers to how the festival enables movie lovers to connect—not only with new films but with filmmakers, artists, and each other. The visual solution for the 2014 Cinequest Film Festival campaign depicts a multitude of spheres of different sizes and colors (a symbol of the different worlds created through the magic of movies). The spheres are all connected because the film festival is multi-dimensional, like the human experience itself.

Film Festival connect video.


Liquid Agency was responsible for the brand development and creative direction of all print and digital elements of the campaign, and collaborated with Guerrilla Wanderers, a local video production firm, to develop the animated spots.

Liquid Agency and Cinequest: an amazing partnership.

Alfredo Muccino, the Chief Creative Officer at Liquid Agency has wanted to work with Cinequest on the Film Festival campaign for a long time. The reason is personal: Alfredo was friends with the late graphic designer Rick Tharp, who originally crafted the festival’s brand. Mr. Tharp built a national reputation for the healthy dose of humor and intelligence that graced all of his work. He passed away in 2005, and since then Alfredo wanted to work on Cinequest as an homage to his dear friend’s memory. He was thrilled to get the chance to do it this year. Halfdan Hussey, the Director and Co-Founder of Cinequest was also thrilled with the partnership and the work, calling it “an exciting campaign that is as world-class as the festival itself.”

Liquid Agency has helped Cinequest evolve its brand through strategic thinking and exceptional design. For Cinequest 2014, they created a campaign that is as exciting and world-class as the festival itself.

Halfdan Hussey

Director and Co-Founder, Cinequest

We urge you to check out this year’s Film Festival, as it features an outstanding collection of films. Tickets are still available, just click here. Below are additional links to learn more about the Cinequest organization and the 2014 Cinequest Film Festival.

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