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Brand Master Workshop 2019

“A lot of people talk about it. Yet very few people understand it. Even fewer know how to manage it. What is it? Branding, of course–arguably the most powerful business tool since the spreadsheet.”–Marty Neumeier

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I wrote those words 15 years ago in THE BRAND GAP. Since then, more than 23 million people have read that book. And yet branding is still misunderstood and still mismanaged by the vast majority of professionals trying to do it. Why? Because branding requires knowledge, insight, talent, and, most important—mastery.

Mastery can’t be learned in school. It takes practice. It takes training. It takes time. You can start the process in school, but it takes professional mentoring and real-world projects to become a recognized expert.

If this is the journey you’re on, here’s your chance to leap ahead.

On March 14-15 in London, I’ll be introducing and leading the first tier of a five-tier certification program in branding. This is a two-day interactive workshop for professionals and university graduates looking to level up their skills. Those who pass the exam will earn formal recognition as a Certified Brand Specialist.

Maybe you’re a creative professional who wants to be more strategic. A marketer who wants to master brand management. A consultant who wants to expand into branding. A copywriter who wants to master brand messaging. A project manager who wants to keep projects “on brand.” A strategist who wants to understand brand frameworks. An entrepreneur who wants to build a brand-driven organization. An HR professional who wants to foster a brand culture. A CMO who wants to move up to CBO. Or a CEO who wants to create a culture of non-stop innovation.

If so, this program is for you.

I’ll be teaching the course personally through Level C, an affiliate of Liquid Agency. Each student will work from a toolkit specifically designed for brand mastery: a 75-page binder filled with frameworks, checklists, charts, exercises, and essential definitions; a print copy of my book THE BRAND GAP; and a digital copy of my dictionary, BRAND A-Z.

When you complete the course and pass the exam, you’ll receive a formal signed certificate, and a digital “badge” for use on your business card and online platforms like LinkedIn. You’ll also get a listing on Level C’s website, including a link to your preferred online profile, so that organizations looking for brand specialists can find you.

But wait—there’s more.

Earning a Certified Brand Specialist badge qualifies you to move up to the second tier, Certified Brand Strategist, and from there to Certified Brand Advisor and Certified Brand Instructor. The top tier is Certified Brand Master, for those rare leaders who are qualified to drive brand from the C-suite. The first four tiers will roll out in 2019 and 2020, the fifth in 2021.
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I’ve been asked: “Can I wait a year or two and take several courses at once?”

Yes, you can. But my advice is to spread them out a little. Learning works best when you have time to practice each stage before moving up. Besides, each badge has a value in the marketplace. Why not take advantage of the opportunities each badge will attract?

Our inaugural event in London is presented jointly by Level C and digital design firm Clearleft. We can promise you an exciting, learning-filled two days in one of the world’s greatest cities. I hope to see you there!

Brand Master Workshop 2019
Presented by Clearleft and Level C
Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London
March 14-15, 2019

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