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The “best marketing podcast anywhere” features Liquid CEO Scott Gardner

BeanCast, the definitive weekly conversation on trends that impact your brand just passed the 500 episode milestone and featured our CEO Scott Gardner.

Podcast #505 “Does Nazi Pizza Still Taste Good”

beancast visual
BeanCast #505 titled “Does Nazi Pizza Still Taste Good” was just released with relevant topics like Creative Genius vs Process, Addressing Aging, GDPR Blocking Ad Deals and TV’s Wild Ride. And in usual BeanCast style, there was a speed round of discussion called the AdFail5 on hot topics from the week with LAD Bible, Facebook, Papa Johns, British Airways and Amazon in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The BeanCast is hosted by marketing industry veteran Bob Knorpp and besides Liquid CEO Scott Gardner included panelists Nichole Kelley, Chief Consciousness Officer of Conscious Marketing Institute and Dave Delaney, Founder of Futureforth. The one-hour podcast went through twists and turns as the panelists addressed issues posed by the host and put their own spin on how these topics are impacting the world at large as well as their own agencies and clients. It was a wonderful hour of commentary by industry leaders who have a good pulse on all things brand and marketing.

To find out more about what Nazi Pizza really is either follow this link to iTunes or click here for the BeanCast website. Enjoy the BeanCast!

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