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Cardboard Chaos by Ernest Packaging Solutions: Cardboard Snow Park

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “cardboard”? Whatever it is, we’re willing to bet elaborate, creative or exciting may not have been it. However, our long-term client Ernest Packaging Solutions is constantly finding new ways to show how cool cardboard can be. For evidence, check out our newest collaboration with Ernest and Signal Snowboards. This installment of Ernest Packaging Solutions’ Cardboard Chaos series features a full snow park made entirely out of cardboard.

At Mammoth Mountain in California, the Ernest Design Team and Signal created every snowboarder’s fantasy park, albeit one built completely of cardboard. When launch day arrived, the cardboard snow park, replete with rails, tubes, an ollie wall and a massive bowl, was completed in just six hours. Watch the video to see it in action.

The partnership was not only an exciting way to showcase packaging, but also extraordinarily sustainable for a campaign on this level. After hours of entertainment, the snow park was recycled, making this campaign a particularly green one.

The snow park is just the latest creation in the Ernest Packaging Solutions Cardboard Chaos series. Ernest’s team of Senior Design Specialists has made a drum kit entirely out of cardboard, an authenticated cardboard Fender Stratocaster, a cardboard skateboard that stood up to a Tony Hawk vert ramp session and a surfboard wave tested on the beaches of Los Angeles.

Scott Gardner, CEO and Founder, says the idea behind the series is to demonstrate how Ernest Packaging is moving the packaging industry forward with a focus on innovation, solving very unique design challenges for everyday objects. “The fact that the company is making these objects with cardboard, and they work, is unbelievable.”

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