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Attracting and retaining the millennial workforce.

By 2030, Millennials (ages 18-35) will make up 50% of the US workforce – a fact particularly important for employers and human resource leaders that know future success depends on their ability to attract and retain the best young talent. They are digitally connected, technologically savvy and excited to share their opinions, beliefs and dreams–but what does all that mean for their careers? And for the people who will hire them?

Building a positive culture needs to consider the nature of millennials.

A deep understanding of this generation and the key demographics and trends that unite them is critical to keeping both business and company culture vital. Understanding and engaging the millennial is a challenge for many businesses today, which is why Liquid created a snapshot into the mindsets and priorities of this important audience. In the infographic below you will find a quick overview of who they are, what they value, how they connect with technology, how they like to work – and what they believe and expect from themselves, their communities and their employers.

Please feel free to downliad and share this infographic with your peers.

We have created a vertical file (PDF) that includes the entire infographic as well as a series of separate horizontal infographics (PDF) and a SlideShare version of the article that may be useful for your presentations. All links are at the bottom of this article.


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