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Talent. Of the Liquid Variety.

The inspiration. We specialize in experience at Liquid Agency. But what happens when you’re experiencing an experience that no one’s ever experienced before? You stay loose, go a little off script and find a way to bring levity while bringing everyone together. We did it by putting Zoom to good use (i.e. not for meetings), putting on some pants (totally your call, no pressure) and turning the cameras on ourselves and our talents.

We call it the Liquid Variety Show. It’s hosted by Johnny Vegas, aka Scott Gardner, in his signature powder blue leisure suit. And it’s something that’s keeping us connected and sane during this intensely strange time.

The hidden skills

The Client Director who worked in mixed-medium paints and has sold at galleries. The Chief Strategy Officer who crafted a cocktail while warning against the dangers of pre-made margarita mix. The Account Supervisor who owned her own cookie business and showcased a shelter-in-place-inspired collection live on air. Or the VP of Digital Experience that goes beautifully analog in his upstairs art studio. Sure, we knew Derek, Dennis, Hali and Daniel when we worked side by side. But oddly, we’re getting to know them even better when we’re apart.

The secret collections

Our VP of Employee Experience has a kick-ass concert poster collection with one hard and fast rule: she will not collect if she did not attend. Our Marketing Designer collects portfolio pieces, both from his graffiti art projects and his growing design business. Our ACD Copywriter boasts an impressive collection of Count Chocula boxes and memorabilia. And our Director of Client Services takes direction from his son when it comes to creating and displaying new worlds out of Legos.

The important stuff

Family. This probably should have come first. Whether it’s watching those builds come together with Ryan above, meeting our CEO’s wife and kids for the first time or just seeing the spouses and partners and four-legged creatures our coworkers come home to (stay home with) every day, it’s awesome. No tired platitudes. No schmaltzy analogies. No somber piano music.

It’s just awesome, that’s all.

Catch all three episodes below.

Episodes One: Count the Count Choculas

With everyone working from home, we decided to do something fun. The presentation showcased our employees’ homes, creative talent, and quirky collections. We think building company culture is vital to staying connected during these isolated times. We had a blast, and we plan on keeping it going. Check out some highlights from the team—Bem’s Count Chocula collection, Tony’s song about video chat parties, and Cody’s rock collection.

Episode Two: The Lego Empire Strikes Back

We had the pleasure of checking out a few of our team’s favorite hobbies—from lofty Lego building, to detailed cookie decorating, to modern mixology. It was a chance for us to stay connected during these isolated times and share some of our hidden skills. Stay tuned to future episodes.

Episode Three: The Liquid Virtual Road Trip

From Cali to Portland up to Vancouver Island, we took a virtual trip up the West Coast and got a unique glimpse into four peoples’ places. And we have to check with the showrunner to see if this on purpose, but there definitely was a theme to the show: art. Turns out, the creative department aren’t the only creatives at Liquid.

Episode Four: Welcome to the Liquid Zoo

Episode four of the Liquid Variety Show started on a high note with a singer you might mistake for Amy Winehouse. All you cool cats and kittens will love the Liquid Zoo, where we meet dogs, and yes, even horses. And If you stick around, you’ll discover which Liquidian we’d nominate for vice president. Hint: he’s got a thing for a certain chocolatey vampire…

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