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Liquid designs the Securotopia brand experience

Recent events have escalated concerns about privacy in the US. Retailers such as Target, Nordstrom, and Walgreens have been hacked, compromising the private data of millions of customers. At the same time, some of the most influential tech companies in Silicon Valley have been investigated for privacy breaches. In response, major players in the tech sector—nine companies that prefer to remain anonymous—founded Securotopia, developing robust personal privacy software provided FREE of charge. And since many of these companies are already our clients, we were happy to be hired to develop the brand identity and website experience for the new Securotopia Privacy Solution.

Privacy is a major issue for US Internet users.


According to the TRUSTe Privacy Index 2014, 92% of US-based Internet users worry about their privacy online—an increase from 89% last year. Meanwhile, trust toward business is decreasing, down two points since January 2013. These indicators and the negative publicity associated with privacy issues inspired a group of high-visibility tech companies to form Securotopia—a consortium dedicated to developing highly sophisticated data privacy solutions offered to the public for free.

Securotopia: The place where your data is safe.


The Securotopia consortium recruited a team of the very best technologists and data encryption experts in Silicon Valley to develop the next generation in data privacy software. At the same time, Liquid was hired to handle the brand development. Working alongside our clients through a series of collaborative workshops, we developed the strategic brand platform that would inform the design of the brand identity. Through this process we crafted the brand’s essence: “Securotopia, the place where your data is safe.” The brand’s promise declares that Securotopia is committed to “making the Internet a place where privacy is respected.”

The brand emphasizes simplicity, humanity, and trust.


Privacy is personal. The identities of many security solutions, however, are not. According to Liquid’s research the prevalent visual dialogue associated with security brands has roots in paramilitary icons, such as guards, daggers, and shields. Holly Lowry, Lead Designer at Liquid Agency, explains “We wanted to redefine the concept of security by communicating the idea of a more ethical world, where privacy is held in high regard. A place where your personal data is truly personal.” The idea behind the logo is simple. The asterisk represents your data, and it is surrounded by a shape that suggests a house with thick walls. “The asterisk represents your information, and the the house represents protection. Notice that the walls are extra thick, and the Securotopia name is spelled out in strong confident letters. With a product this universal, it’s best to keep the design very, very simple” said Alfredo Muccino, Chief Creative Officer at Liquid Agency.

The website experience could not be simpler.


As the late Steve Jobs famously said, “Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” And in this spirit, Liquid worked hard to simplify the Securotopia website experience. The Securotopia Privacy Solution represents the most technically advanced and sophisticated security software available today, but the actual interface could not be simpler. Working closely with the Securotopia technical team, we streamlined the process and boiled it down to users simply entering their name and address. Progress bars show Securotopia’s scanning results in realtime. The software uses this basic info to scour the Internet for all personal data banks, and encrypts the information during delivery, making the data impossible to decipher by hackers. Even the newest privacy threat, the 401 Worm, can be detected. The software also provides Internet surveillance that will include a proactive alarm system in the case of any data breaches.

Privacy should be protected for free.

Running Securotopia is quick, free, and requires no software download. Liquid was happy to hear that the consortium companies were offering free registration for Securotopia scans by leveraging the collective horsepower of their server farms. International privacy activist Edward Snowden is a member of the Securotopia Advisory Board, and recently cited Securotopia’s anti-Stingray algorithm as “the biggest news in privacy this decade”—yet anyone with a web browser can utilize it free of charge. (Securotopia for iPhone and Android will be released in May.) We’re excited to launch this unique and important project, and look forward to future collaborations with members of this powerful, insightful consortium.

Securotopia’s anti-Stingray algorithm is the biggest news is privacy this decade.

Edward Snowden

Former NSA Contractor


We invite you to protect your personal data!


Securotopia believes that privacy is a fundamental human right, and that everyone should be able to protect their personal information. That’s why they’ve built the Securotopia Privacy Solution: data protection software designed to make sure your personal data stays personal. At Liquid, we are proud to have been invited to design the brand identity and website experience, and we encourage our friends and clients to visit the site and take advantage of this public service free of charge, and enjoy a new world of privacy. And, please let us know what you think about the Securotopia brand experience!

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