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A Squadron of Supply Chain Packaging and Logistics Pros Deliver Solutions with Muscle

Ernest Packaging is serious about bringing new thinking to the world of packaging and shows its innovation and sense of humor in an engaging series of videos from Liquid Agency that bring together an unconventional group of problem solvers inspired by 1980’s TV police and special forces shows like the A-Team.

The “E-Team” features a cast of characters who like the A-Team, bring specialized skills to solve specific challenges. Or as they like to say, “Exacting revenge on problems with exactly the right solutions.” Led by “Cornflake” and “Porterhouse,” the E-Team literally tackles the issues companies need to manage in their day-to-day shipping and packaging needs including package design, product support, supply chain management, and process design.

In a series of action-packed videos and behind-the-scenes films, Liquid highlights the specific challenges of what might seem like boring logistical issues such as supply chain management and package design. With the help of the exuberant E-Team and its alter-egos, Porterhouse who handles packaging design, Cornflake who is an expert in product support and protection and other “team” members, the films borrow the tongue in cheek humor and fun of the A-Team series, while delivering the goods.

The agency created four main films and a trailer, and shot five behind the scenes director’s cut videos that give more context to the business details tied to the films. The E-Team campaign includes a full suite of content including the films, social content, merchandising, promotion and will be used by Ernest on all owned media social channels, new corporate website, E-Team microsite, industry channels, sales tools and events.

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