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The Interplay Between Branding, Storytelling and Marketing

Many people do not understand the difference between branding, storytelling and marketing, and it shows. Brian Sooy and Dennis Hahn, chief strategy officer of Liquid Agency, explore the value in brands, how marketing helps build that value and why stories are less meaningful in the absence of experiences.

Everbody Brands–Episode 31–September 10, 2019

everybody brands with brian sooy

Episode notes from the host

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing people.” — Peter Drucker

It’s no wonder business leaders struggle with marketing. Spend any amount of time listening to podcasts and ”experts” and you‘ll hear conflicting advice, confusing jargon, and a jumble of terms that make you wonder why you bother to try marketing at all.

In this conversation with Dennis Hahn, we’ll explore branding, experience, why shared values are key to building a tribe, and more—including the difference between branding and marketing, and why they matter.

As chief strategy officer at Liquid, Dennis is responsible for the methodologies that Liquid uses to address the strategic challenges of our clients. Dennis leads teams of strategists across all of Liquid’s offices, providing expertise, mentoring and consulting on a wide range of significant strategic branding initiatives for clients that have included John Deere, HP, Microsoft, Motorola, Nasdaq, PayPal and Walmart.

Dennis’ background and training as a designer gives him a design thinking perspective that gives him the insight and expertise to help organizations enculturate their brands with their employees and customers. Working with the leadership teams of companies like Microsoft, Intel, Symantec, SAIF and Mercy, Dennis has provided his expertise to create alignment and commitment to organization-wide brand culture programs.

To learn more, connect with Dennis on LinkedIn or contact our agency directly.

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