When you have a brilliant new UV-C technology that performs hospital-grade sterilization, but lack the knowledge of how to introduce it to the public, what’s your best course of action? Contact Liquid Agency. That’s what RayVio did in 2016, choosing Liquid Agency to create not only a brand campaign and identity, but to help design the product itself and launch it in a breakthrough way. It began by devising a brand strategy and a proprietary name for the technology: TRUVIOLET™. Next, Liquid Agency enlisted the help of award-winning industrial design firm, Whipsaw, to create a prototype that sterilized baby bottles, pacifiers and other household items in just 60 seconds. After arriving on a name for the product—Ellie—the world’s first ever digital UV sterilizing pod was born. And the last step? Launch an amazing social campaign and send an announcement to the crowdfunding world via Indiegogo.

RayVio exceeded their funding goal by 300 percent and is now busy developing their next consumer product with TRUVIOLET inside. Contact us.