Have you ever wondered who is trusted to protect the emails of government, finance and healthcare professionals? Well, for a time, it was Good Technology. Yet, as with many businesses, the space you start in is not ultimately the space you disrupt. With new executive leadership on board and a refined vision, the brand set out on a major pivot–shifting business strategies to address the burgeoning enterprise mobility space. The challenge? As history has shown us, changing business strategies alone is not enough to capture new opportunity. Communicating that strategy to the market, clearly and in a differentiating way, is what ultimately enables a new business strategy to pay off. Enter Liquid Agency. After a rigorous discovery process, Liquid Agency and Good Technology worked collaboratively to develop everything from a new brand narrative and employee communications, to a brand identity refresh, visual style and multiple campaigns. The result? Good Technology was acquired by BlackBerry in 2015 for $425M, proving that, with the right opportunity and a clear message, seizing the future is more than possible.

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