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When Life Gave Coupa Software Lemons

We recently launched our global TV brand campaign for our flourishing clients at Coupa. Both the agency and the client teams couldn’t have been more pleased. So, we thought we’d share a brief case study of our experience.

Coupa Simplifies Business Spends

Business spends are a big part of what CEOs and CFOs agonize over every quarter. Keeping track of purchases, invoicing and expenses can get complicated and can quickly snowball out of control. Coupa is a cloud-based platform that helps simplify the process, allowing companies to see, understand and control their spending with profound ease.

Building On the Last TV Campaign’s Success

Leveraging Coupa’s simplicity brand promise, we wrote and produced a TV campaign in 2018. The overarching idea contrasted C-suite decision-makers’ trouble-free Coupa business spend management with their own more unpredictable family finances. The marketing campaign was a success, helping increase Coupa’s awareness and market value.

Teeing off of our creative work’s previous success, we extended the humorous, slice-of-family-life theme into this year’s global TV brand campaign. This time around, we based our script on comparing Coupa’s business spend management platform to the ease of running a kid’s lemonade stand—an idea initially shared by Coupa’s CEO, Rob Bernshteyn.

Reaching C-Suite Decision Makers With a Global TV Brand Campaign

To truly achieve awareness and connect with CEOs and CFOs, our media strategy centered on the highly influential medium of global and national TV. Paid media plans delivered reach with the TV campaign spot, utilizing national, international and local linear TV buys as well as OTT and online video extensions. We had strong ties into business content and key news programming, as well as the return to televised sports. This was in addition to other pure-play digital campaigns supporting multiple global objectives for Coupa.

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