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Liquid Agency can help you get to the future, faster.

Introducing Pivot to What’s Next—a fast and innovative new way for organizations to tackle complex business challenges.

The pandemic has caused major economic upheaval. Organizations are facing completely unique—and, in some cases, even existential—challenges. What have we done to help them? We pivoted. So now, you can too.

Moving Forward

We pivoted by creating Pivot to What’s Next—a launching pad for quickly addressing strategic challenges. We used our Silicon Valley Thinking™ approach to rapidly develop three facilitated modules:. One to help define obstacles and opportunities, another to identify bold moves worth making and a third to plan the execution strategy moving forward. Can’t be in the same room together? Not a problem. We made our revolutionary method of co-creating solutions with people and teams, called “Swarming,” entirely virtual.

Opportunity Shaping

First, it’s important to arrive at a shared understanding of where your organization currently stands, in terms of the market and in the minds of both consumers and employees. We’ll help you clearly see the obstacles and opportunity spaces available to you. Make sense of your organization’s current environment with the Opportunity Shaping module.

Future Building

On your path to design solutions, the organization first needs to identify which ideas are worth pursuing. We’ll leverage your organization’s key assets and equities to then design bold moves for the future based on a clearly identified problem or opportunity. We’ll conduct a feasibility analysis of your top ideas to understand what the organization can actually deliver and identify any existing gaps that might prevent success. Learn how to leverage your organization’s assets and equities to figure out bold moves worth making with the Future Building Module.

Future Building

Initiative Roadmapping

When your organization has identified the opportunities and has started drawing up solutions, this module will help you create a fully realized road map. We will develop initiatives to build the bridge between where the business is now and where you want it to be in the short, medium and long term. Because what good is an idea without a way to implement it? Make an actionable plan with our Initiative Roadmapping Module.

Initiative Roadmapping

The Virtual Swarm

Swarming was invented at Liquid Agency and is another product of our Silicon Valley Thinking™. We’ve relied on Swarming for years to solve a breadth of complex client challenges. While Swarms once took place only in person, we’ve recently put a new set of new tools in place that allows us to co-create breakthrough solutions fully online, too. Learn more about how we’ve made the transition to digital here.

The Playbook

Envisioning a bold new future can be challenging. That’s why we developed a playbook to help you imagine where to start. Learn about the seven key drivers for impactful pivots, which can be applied to current problems or emerging opportunities by downloading the Pivot to What’s Next Playbook.

Pivot Playbook

Look Forward to Your Next Move

These one-week modules can help your organization make sense of your current environment and find potential opportunities all around you. Nobody wants challenges to catch them on their heels. When business as usual is no longer viable, you’ve got to be fluid and ready to make your next move. We’re here to help you make the pivot. Visit Pivot to What’s Next to learn more.