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Creating Meaningful Customer Experience Connections

Today connection, care and support have become vital in building meaningful experiences. The new normal has brought a heightened awareness around the value of human connection. It’s also revealed the importance of reducing friction and anxiety in all customer interactions—anticipating, rewarding, effort and making life easier are key. Customer experiences are now focusing on both empathy and functionality. And with joy being in short supply, infusing the process with levity has become a higher priority.

Tech Transforms from Within

Technology is playing a key role. From platforms, to augmented reality, to AI, the pandemic has fast-tracked digital experiences and digital transformation. Brands are designing and offering experiences across the B2B and B2C spectrum that double down on flexibility, adaptability, personalization and ease. We’ve also seen a huge emphasis in efficacy—the hospitality industry and education sector have already provided a number of case studies.

But physical experiences have also been redesigned to accommodate the current needs. From drive-thru theaters, to outdoor dining, to open event venues, brands are striving to adapt physical and sensory experiences for consumers longing for normalcy.

Experiences Designed Around Peace of Mind

In the new normal, brands will more proactively embrace customer experience if they want to earn customer trust and build reputation. Customer experiences will have to prioritize safety and protection—physical, psychological and financial—to build stronger relationships with customers. There are a number of examples already, like Delta dropping change fees, or Citi enhancing its app, online capabilities and services to better serve customers.