Shona Lepis
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As content marketing director at Liquid, Shona is responsible for creating and overseeing our multi-channel content marketing strategy. From editorial strategy and vision to working with agency thought leaders, Shona keeps the content train running. Shona is passionate about creating agency marketing that inspires, educates and provides value to current and future Liquid clients.

Prior to joining Liquid, Shona spent nine years as the cofounder and marketing director at Vignette, The Employee Experience Agency—a specialized communications agency that elevates the employee experience through internal brand communications. Before that, Shona began her career as a designer, founding a boutique design studio that specialized in crafting brand identities for clients in both the U.S. and Europe.

Shona holds a bachelor’s degree from Humboldt State University and studied marketing at Portland State University. Shona is an active member of the community and has served on the board as communications director of the Portland chapter of AIGA, communications director of the PTA at her son’s school, and a founding member of Branding Salon, a consortium of brand, design, development and marketing professionals. Originally from Northern California, Shona lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and two young children, who are both in Spanish immersion classes, so learning Spanish is on her to-do list in her spare time.