Bridging the brand gap.

Marty Neumeier changed the conversation about branding when he defined a brand as a customer’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. “It’s not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is,” he wrote in his seminal book, “The Brand Gap”. To build a strong brand, companies must align “logic” and “magic” to create meaningful experiences that customers can’t get anywhere else. In this full day of learning, valuable content is punctuated with collaborative exercises to help participants internalize valuable skill sets. They’ll learn about the five disciplines of brand: differentiation, collaboration, innovation, validation and cultivation. They’ll leave with a better understanding of branding and the basic tools needed to put that knowledge to work. Inquire now

Building a culture of non-stop innovation.

While one company is busy capitalizing on its last product or service, another is busy launching the next product or service. As a result, the market moves faster than any one company. How can a company compete in this Darwinian free-for-all? By creating a culture of nonstop innovation. In this one-day workshop, participants will learn how to begin transforming their company into a design-driven powerhouse—a place where innovation is not a one-time event but a way of life. Participants will learn to apply their five metaskills to 16 levers of change that can trigger a cultural transformation. Through vivid principles and fast-paced exercises, groups can to bring energizing change to their culture, their brands, and their business. Inquire now

Creating your “onliness”.

It’s one thing to say your brand is unique. It’s another thing to get customers to notice, understand, and desire that uniqueness. This takes a process of radical differentiation, a deliberate strategy to win without competing. To do this, you first need to discover your brand’s “onliness”—the one recognizable difference that makes your product or service both meaningful and compelling. In this workshop designed for 2–4 days, participants work on their own brand while learning the principles of brand strategy. By the end of the workshop they have a top-level prototype for their brand—all the key elements required to assess, present, test, refine, and guide the brand going forward. These elements include a core purpose, an onliness statement, a trueline, a brand story, and a provisional roadmap for execution. Inquire now

Jumpstart creativity.

Dreaming, or the metaskill of “applied imagination,” is a key component of business innovation. By definition, the path to innovation leads from the known to the unknown; from an understanding of what is to a vision of what could be. Unfortunately, our industrial-style education hasn’t prepared us to develop and use our imagination. There are no classes named “Dreaming 101” or “Introduction to Genius.” In this half-day or one-day workshop, Marty Neumeier uses vivid principles and concrete exercises to teach participants how to access their imagination, see opportunity where others can’t and create models of disruptive innovation that can capture value and create positive change. Participants will leave with ten techniques for inventing extraordinary products, programs and businesses. We are also happy to develop a customized workshop, session or training program to meet your specific needs. Inquire now

Design your tribe.

Are you ready to flip your brand? Bring your team and learn to apply some of the key tenets of “Brand Flip”—Marty Neumeier’s latest book that helps brands transform themselves into movements that customers will eagerly co-create, grow and nourish. For this one-day workshop, we will stop thinking about how to improve and position your products and instead focus on improving and positioning your customers. You’ll learn how to design your brand’s Tribe—who they are, what they want and how they belong. Participants will also learn how through the Brand Commitment Matrix to identify how your brand’s and your ideal Tribe’s values are aligned and what adjustments will create greater customer commitment. Inquire now