Areas of expertise

  • The intersection of design and business
  • Evolution of brand in today’s connected world
  • Leadership strategies and talent management
  • Innovation mastery for individuals and groups
  • Creating brand experiences that drive change

The Genuine Article: Building an authentic brand for a transparent age.

The “brand gap,” or the disconnect between business strategy and customer experience, was only tenable when customers had poor visibility into company behaviors, competing products and the experiences of other customers. Thanks to a rapidly developing digital marketplace, today’s companies are naked to the world. Marketers and business leaders can no longer hide behind a “corporate image” that obscures the way a business actually does business. In this talk, Marty explores the increasing role of authenticity and explains why we find it so difficult to achieve. He then connects the dots between authenticity, branding and the trust that makes business relationships thrive. Audiences will leave with a deeper understanding of why a brand is increasingly important to the success of any business. Inquire about Marty’s availability.

Metaskills: Five talents for the robotic age.

As the Industrial Age grinds to a halt, the Robotic Age is picking up speed. In the next few decades, we’ll see the acceleration of man-machine collaboration, with computers becoming more human and humans becoming more creative. To adapt, we need to stay ahead of the “robot curve”—a continuous cycle of creative destruction that puts downward pressure on the value and cost of work. The good news is that the Robot Curve can work to our advantage. Those who master five basic talents—feeling, seeing, dreaming, making, and learning—can rise to the top of the curve, where they’ll enjoy a high level of creativity, fulfillment and influence. In this talk, audiences will learn how to reclaim and hone the innate talents that define us as human beings and determine our success in the new connected marketplace. Inquire about Marty’s availability.

Zag: How to Harness the Power of Differentiation.

In a cluttered marketplace, ordinary differentiation is no longer enough—today companies need “radical differentiation” to capture a category and build a barrier to competition. Based on his bestselling book “Zag”—named one of the “top hundred business books of all time”—Marty Neumeier explains how to use the Good/Different Chart to predict the success of a product or service while it’s still in the prototype stage. He shows that a new product can be good and different, good but not different, not good and not different or different but not good. Knowing which is which and which one you have is the key to launching any successful, sustainable brand. Audiences can put this tool into practice immediately. Inquire about Marty’s availability.

Finding Your Superpower: The New Rules of Genius.

When we hear the word genius, we tend to picture someone like Leonardo da Vinci or Albert Einstein. But as soon as we do that, we make genius seem unattainable. Instead, a genius is any person who turns insight into innovation, and in the process changes our view of what is possible. All we need is the right amount of will, skill and imagination. In this lively and inspiring talk, Marty compresses wisdom of the ages into a refreshingly concise parade of bite-size ideas and advice for tapping our creative genius. He shows that everyone has a personal superpower, which, if discovered and developed, can make a significant difference in a world of unprecedented opportunity. Audiences will leave with new appreciation of their own creative potential, along with tips they can use immediately. Marty is also happy to develop a customized keynote, talk, or lecture to meet your specific needs. Inquire here.

The Brand Flip: How to position your company for the meaning economy.

An explosion of connectivity, and the power it gives customers, is turning companies upside down. The question isn’t whether your industry will be disrupted, but when. Companies today have a stark choice: they can leap into the future and possibly land on their feet, or they can wait for roiling disruption to upend them. Today’s customers want more than products, more than benefits, more than features, even more than experiences. They want meaning. They want a sense of belonging. They want directorial control over their life stories. And they’re likely to assemble those stories from all the elements they find around them, including products, services and brands. “If I buy this product,” the customer seems to say, “who does that make me?” In this lively talk you’ll find out why customers now run companies—and how you can profit from it. Inquire about Marty’s availability.