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Redefining brewed tea through a unique brand experience vision



  • Brand experience


  • Food and beverage


  • Customer tribe design
  • Brand positioning and definition
  • Naming and nomenclature
  • Brand identity
  • Experience prototyping

Keurig pioneered its category with its single-serve coffee makers and K-Cup pods. But in an effort to keep evolving its business, the brand set out to explore new categories. Keurig came to Liquid Agency for help creating a lighthouse vision of how they could best appeal to billions of tea drinkers with a new tea brand.

We kicked things off by doing a deep dive into the global tea landscape, looking for potential opportunities. Our analysis revealed a unique Keurig customer tribe: the New Americans–people with tea-drinking sensibilities that are distinctly American. Our customer insight then became a driving force in our approach to the brand strategy.

Next, our team explored new brand names and identities. After landing on a direction, we went to work developing brand experience prototypes that spanned across the customer journey. Our work ultimately helped Keurig imagine a compelling brand vision for a big, impactful entry into the tea category.