It was another historic night for Liquid Agency at the 2019 Rosey Awards in Portland, OR. We took home the highly coveted Rosey in the Integrated Social category for The E-Team, our second Rosey in as many years. By positioning the people at Ernest as packaging mercenaries on a mission to stomp out inefficiencies, this series of videos, social posts, LinkedIn pages and movie posters wowed the crowd. And the judges. Liquid also got a nod for our Coupa “Spend Smarter” broadcast commercials, with an honorable mention win for Traditional Media Over $50K.

Liquid in full revelry mode.

Rosey awards
Rosey awards
Rosey awards

Ernest Packaging Solutions | E-Team Campaign

The Challenge: In a rust belt industry that’s definitely not renowned for breakthrough advertising, we found a way to shake things up. Enter The E-Team: the most formidable packaging force on the planet.

The Solution: The campaign took on the tough-to-tackle subjects of package design, supply chain management and product implementation with impossible-to-ignore fervor. And we treated it just like a new release, complete with trailers, posters, mini movies and even LinkedIn pages for the packaging protagonists.

The Results: Once the reviews were in, our mission was complete. Ernest had a bona fide hit on their hands. And the numbers didn’t lie. They saw a massive boost in Instagram and LinkedIn engagement, plus a huge spike in overall impressions and traffic to the Ernest Packaging site.

Coupa | National TV Campaign

The Challenge: Coupa is a pioneer in Business Spend Management. In fact, they created the category. Coupa delivers greater visibility into, and control over, how companies spend money across their organization, but they’re known primarily as a procurement solution.

The Solution: Our objective was to establish Coupa as a leading solution in the hearts and minds of CFOs and CEOs globally. We need to get the business world to “Spend Smarter,” and Coupa is the answer.

To elevate awareness quickly, Liquid developed national TV, print, out-of-home, and online campaigns, managing media programs across top-tier media properties, befitting a category leader. Programs also extend to events and sales enablement.

The Results: Coupa is in the conversation. Coupa is up against giants in their space—SAP and Oracle—and running national TV has catapulted them into the conversation. The awareness generated has been helpful, but the real sales-benefit driver has been the perception increase attained. They are no longer seen as just another small-to-midsize player. They now go into sales pitches differently. They go into negotiations differently. And they attract better talent.

Running the TV spot has also endeared us with cable networks, allowing us access to their custom events and on-air personalities, and strengthened PR outreach efforts.