We recently worked with UserTesting on their latest brand campaign, which happened to run in the midst of a global pandemic. We’re featuring our recent client case study as a case in point: when you work with great people, you can always knock it out of the park, no matter what turns the year might take.


Getting to “Business is Human.”

Emotions play a big role in consumer decision making, but they’re not easy to track compared to numbers and data points. That’s where UserTesting comes in. With unmoderated video recordings of consumer feedback, their platform helps identify the impact of real human emotion. That’s why they needed to tell their story in a real, human way.

Our messaging Swarm revealed a truth at the center of the UserTesting brand: business is human. And when we used their platform to test the emotional resonance of our ideas, we found it incredibly powerful to put voices to consumers and hear their honest feedback in real time. In fact, we were so inspired by their product that we partnered with UserTesting and used it to help other Liquid clients.

Discovering the Power of Real-time Feedback.

The creative campaign we developed on behalf of UserTesting was inspired by the voices, sounds and emotions of people as they reviewed our imagery and messages. Every stuttered phrase and repeated sentence helped us better envision what people might say when looking at other types of tests. This real-time feedback directly inspired the voice for our campaign and helped us tighten our messaging to most effectively reach different target audiences.

The result was staggering. With the launch of the brand campaign, UserTesting saw a growth of more than 2.5 times in leads from the website alone.

Delivering Results, Even in a Pandemic.

We achieved this level of awareness by extending the UserTesting message to a wider audience with an integrated brand campaign on print, OOH and digital platforms. And when COVID-19 threw a wrench in our plans for a co-branded activation program at SXSW, we quickly pivoted and still got the word out digitally. We published online thought-leadership content on both the UserTesting site and, most notably, Fast Company magazine.

It just goes to show the power of Real. Human. Insight.

If you would like to use Silicon Valley Thinking™ to get to the heart of your brand, reach out. We’d love to get started.