On Tuesday, August 6 Liquid Agency hosted a well-attended reception to celebrate “Double Catenary,” a site specific art installation created by Sabine Reckewell for Liquid Space, the gallery at Liquid Agency’s San Jose offices. The exhibition was the result of a collaboration with the San Jose Institute of Art, and during the event, the Executive Director of the ICA, Cathy Kimball, had an opportunity to engage with Sabine in a conversation about the nature of her work, the sources of her inspiration and process.

Friends and clients joined us for an evening of celebration.

About 70 people gathered in the San Jose offices of Liquid Agency to listen to Cathy Kimball speak with Sabine Reckewell about her art. And it was apparent that Cathy is no stranger to interviewing artists. This was the first event of its kind that we had organized at Liquid, so we were not sure how many people might come, and we were delighted to see so many join us for the talk and the reception. Besides employees from San Jose, Portland and San Francisco, the crowd of people included clients, partners and friends of the agency – as well as art collectors and members of the creative community at large. For the occasion we set up a slide show on a large screen – and we used this as a backdrop to the conversation. And we enjoyed seeing people mingle, listen to the talk and get a chance to learn about Sabine’s art.

Inspiring conversation about art and innovation.

Sabine creates large scale three-dimensional drawings in space using modest materials – such as ribbons and pushpins. Cathy asked Sabine about her inspiration, and we found out that Sabine’s work is largely influenced by the minimalist and conceptual art of the 1960′s and 70′s – and by her personal studies in design and fiber art. Sabine creates stunning architectural compositions that seem to float in mid-air. Surprisingly, her work is temporary in nature. The installations are conceptualized and created for people to enjoy – and after a while they are dismantled. This temporal quality adds to the poetic nature of the work, making it more of an experience and less of an artifact. It was also interesting to hear people describe how they felt in the presence of Sabine’s work – some people said they felt “calm” while others felt “dizzy.” Either way, everyone was charmed by Sabine’s unassuming personality and her impressive talent.

About Sabine Reckewell, the San Jose ICA and Liquid Space.


Born in Goslar, Germany in 1950 – Sabine studied industrial design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kassel (1970-73), and received her BS in Textile Design from UC Davis in 1976 and her MFA in Textile Art from Lone Mountain College in San Francisco in 1978. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago and throughout California.

The San Jose Institute of Art has long been committed to presenting exhibitions that include visually compelling and conceptually challenging contemporary art, as well as a variety of educational programs intended to help audiences reflect upon these works. The “Double Catenary” installation is part of the ICA’s “On The Road” series of exhibitions on display at venues across the Bay Area.

Liquid Space is an experimental galley in San Jose that is part of Liquid Agency’s commitment to innovation and to exploring work at the cross section of art, culture and design.