Simpler, with greater impact.


HP’s logo for many years consisted of the letters “hp” within a circle, framed by a rectangle with rounded corners. While it served its purpose, the logo was flat and unnecessarily complex, at odds with HP’s stature as one of Silicon Valley’s earliest and most important brands. At the heart of Liquid’s official corporate logo for HP is the simple circle, featuring the “hp” letters, with highlights giving the logo a dimensionalized effect that is visually richer and more vibrant in the preferred version.

The process of optimization and precision.

We began by conducting a study of the original logo, and found several weight and shape inconsistencies that made the logo’s geometry less than perfect. We started the process of optimization by correcting these inconsistencies and crafting a geometrically precise execution. Next, we maximized the size of the letters “hp” so that we could optimize legibility at the smallest possible size. Lastly, we created a variety of executions including a flat and a dimensional version—providing HP with the necessary flexibility to reproduce the logo across a wide variety of media. The logo will a distinguishing mark for the brand, to be featured on all hardware products such as computers, phones, and printers. In order to ensure that the logo could be reproduced properly regardless of size or technique, we worked closely with HP’s industrial designers to make 20 different sizes of the logo, each with minor adjustments to the proportions and tolerances.


Logo guidelines. Along with the final files for the logo, we produced a set of guidelines to help ensure that the transition to the new logo could be managed successfully. We made sure HP’s many internal and external stakeholders had the tools necessary to implement the new identity with consistence and clarity.

Logo animation.

In today’s world, no logo identity program is complete without at least one version of a logo build. Of course, HP uses lots of video and motion graphics to communicate with its audiences, so it was important that we provide a few versions of how the logo could be executed using motion graphics. Take a look at this sample, which we used to start and end an existing video clip.


Logo executions. We designed a new logo specifically so that it could be reproduced very small on light and dark backgrounds in print and online. To that end, we optimized the dimensional shading, augmenting the shape of the circle regardless of size or background. Today, this logo is being applied to all of HP’s marketing and collateral… with an eye toward building signage applications in the not-so-distant future.