Can a 60-year old family company make major shifts in culture and overall employee experience? You bet it can and with a long-term plan to have culture lead the company into the next decade of growth with a partnership with Liquid Agency anything is possible.

A few years into a major brand transformation for the Los Angeles based company with 12 US regional offices coast to coast Liquid started putting more attention as lead agency towards culture to insure the company was really living its brand inside out. The original work was centered around Mission, Vision and Values work and the formation of the Ernest Brand Council or EBC. Part of that process included quantitative brand metrics and benchmarks including Net Promoter Score to inform the strategy for a multi-year program.

Besides core initial culture design strategy work Liquid has developed many tools and programs aimed to deliver a positive employee experience. Programs include complete redesign and build of company wide mobile first intranet called the Ernest Insider, Ernest Brand Council video to help the group promote itself within and identify future EBC members and a recruitment campaign title Not Hiring with the usual sense of quirkiness evident in all Ernest communications. Other focused work includes Ernest Edge video with core focus to bring the spirit of the Ernest people to the clients, overhaul of Ernest company-wide awards and recognition programs resulting in two key programs The Ernies and E-Club and Training and Development programs with key focus on rookie salesperson journey and development.

Recent results of culture survey and metrics continue to show strong growth in all areas key to a positive employee experience. Coincidentally the now 70-year young company has grown over 40% in the past decade since partnering with Liquid. The results are remarkable. If you want to gain a major business advantage through investment in your culture give the Liquid culture design solutions specialists a call.