From bland to brand.

The expert strategists that make up our Brand Strategy practice help define the roadmap for successful brands. We'll help you navigate through the tough decisions, so you can reach your goals. After all, without a good roadmap it's a lot harder to get to where you want to go.

Without proper research you can't do strategic work.

In order to deliver effective branding programs, we must be able to clearly understand the conditions surrounding the brand. Among other things, we should have data about existing perceptions (from employees, customers, financial pundits, etc). We should build a customer profile that identifies the key drivers for a client's potential audiences. We should also have insight into the competitive landscape so we can see how other brands position themselves.

Qualitative. Quantitative. Ethnographic. And more.

Some of this information can be gathered by our clients. However, in order to have truly comprehensive findings and a neutral perspective, we often have to conduct our own independent research. The Brand Strategy team at Liquid knows how to deliver a diverse set of research initiatives, and we frequently collaborate with research partners who specialize in a variety of research methodologies including qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic, etc. We also field store audits in order to assess best practices, or simply to get a better idea of the conditions at retail.

In person, online or in the field. We do what it takes.

The research process can take many forms. Some research is conducted through online panels while at other times we do direct interviews. We also do research in the field, where we can better observe people's behavior, especially when the project at hand involves a retail component. Additionally, we offer a unique series of workshops where we work with a select group of your executives to identify key issues about the brand and uncover management's perceptions and insights. Learn more about the workshops.