From bland to brand.

The expert strategists that make up our Brand Strategy practice help define the roadmap for successful brands. We'll help you navigate through the tough decisions, so you can reach your goals. After all, without a good roadmap it's a lot harder to get to where you want to go.

Finding the right path for your brand.

In order to get to where you want to go, you need to make sure you're heading in the right direction. This applies to branding as well. And that's where the Brand Compass comes in handy. The Brand Compass is a unique and powerful strategic tool that has been developed to help clients define and the ideal direction for the brand and navigate the brand towards its desired destination.

A strategic foundation for the brand building process.

The Brand Compass is developed through a highly participatory workshop methodology that allows key stakeholders to contribute to the definition of the brand, ensuring that there is alignment at the executive level. Once defined, the Brand Compass becomes the foundation for internal and external brand building initiatives, ensuring that the brand is consistently manifested in messages, taglines, visual styles and marketing materials.

The four points of the Brand Compass.

The Brand Compass was originally developed by Marty Neumeier, our Director of Transformation, and it consists of four simple sentences designed to describe the fundamental essence of the brand. Arriving at an agreement about these words can be challenging at times, but our Brand Strategy teams have built quite a bit of experience facilitating the Brand Compass workshops and helping executives through the process. Below are the four points of the Brand Compass.

When these four points align, they point to "true north" for your brand.

PURPOSE The fundamental reason you're in business beyond making money.

ONLINESS The definition of your brand's most compelling differentiator.

PERSONALITY The attributes that define your brand's personality.

TRUELINE An internal expression of your brand's onliness.