Everyone needs a little style.

Just like people, some brands have style - and some don’t. Having a distinct personality helps brands stand out from the crowd and create an emotional connection with their audiences. But to do it well, you need people that understand design and how to use it.

As important as the logo is, it is only one of the ways that a brand expresses its personality and becomes recognizable to its audiences. What we call Visual Style, is another crucial component.

The Visual Style is composed of a variety of elements that come together to create the visual language of a brand. They include typography, color palette, illustration and/or photography treatments, layouts, formats and other graphic elements that make a brand immediately distinguishable from its competition - and from anything else, for that matter. Of course, when it is done well, the Visual Style is scalable while being elastic enough to adapt to varying marketplaces and geographies.

Doing all of this is not easy...that’s why smart brands come to Liquid to develop, refine or extend.