Everyone needs a little style.

Just like people, some brands have style - and some don’t. Having a distinct personality helps brands stand out from the crowd and create an emotional connection with their audiences. But to do it well, you need people that understand design and how to use it.

Smart brands understand the need and value of consistency. It’s important that the literature in New York is aligned with the packaging used in Bejing or the tradeshow exhibit that was used in Barcelona.

Often, this work is created by local agencies, because it is smart to localize the materials. However, it is also extremely important that a brand have a level of consistency not only across the globe, but also across various vertical markets.

For this reason we develop all sorts of guidelines - from brand guidelines to logo guidelines, to environmental guidelines. These documents provide diverse agencies with a common vision - as well as the tools - that help our clients build strong, consistent brands across multiple disciplines and multiple geos.