Ever walk into a brand experience?

This practice focuses on the physical spaces where people can interact with the brand. Often this includes merchandising at retail, but it also applies to tradeshows, as well as corporate environments - such as lobbies, executive centers, and even museums.

When people walk into the lobby of a company, they immediately form an idea about the brand. This is why we help companies shape their corporate environments. We have worked on lobbies, cafeterias, executive briefing centers, and even office spaces.

We know what it takes to create environments that are welcoming and inspiring - while also being functional. And when it makes sense, we work with architectural firms that can provide a higher level of expertise to large projects.

These days, we often also collaborate with our Digital Branding teams to develop physical spaces that use technology to create more engaging brand experiences. So, if you want to make an impact with the folks that work and visit your company, let us know. We can help.