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Tamara Wayland is hired by Liquid Agency as Director of Business Development.

December 14, 2012

San Jose, CA – Liquid Agency, one of the top branding firms in Silicon Valley, announced that it has hired Tamara Wayland as its new Director of Business Development. The position was originally filled in Liquid's Portland, OR office, but management felt that it was better for that role to be located at the company's headquarters.

As Director of Business Development, Ms. Wayland is responsible for growing the business in multiple markets all while ensuring Liquid is continuing to create the best branding experiences for their clients. She will help identify the new business opportunities where Liquid can add the most value to its clients.

Ms. Wayland has been working in the advertising and interactive design industry for the past 20 years. She started her career at CKS Interactive, the first advertising agency to open an interactive division in the Silicon Valley. She then consulted for various interactive agencies in San Francisco such as Red Sky and Kadium prior to moving to New York City, where she helped build the client relations team for Brand Dialogue, the interactive division of Young and Rubican. Ms. Wayland also worked at Frog Design, where she developed new business while also helping develop online and branding strategies for the healthcare, financial, consumer, entertainment and business to business markets. 

Prior to joining Liquid, Ms. Wayland was Managing Director of Business Development at Cooper in San Francisco where she continued to grow the consulting business by designing new revenue models and working closely In emerging markets such as Brazil and Russia.

Ms. Wayland is equally committed to educating the community on the value of design and its ultimate contribution to overall business through talks at organizations such as The CommonWealth Club, as well as helping develop new educational opportunities throughout the world. Currently, Ms. Wayland is on the mentor team for the Endeavor start up organization.

About Liquid Agency

Started in San Jose, CA, in 2000, Liquid Agency, has grown to be one of the top agencies in Silicon Valley. Today, Liquid has offices in San Jose, CA; Portland, OR; New York, NY; Nottingham, UK and Santiago, Chile. Liquid is committed to delivering effective branding solutions through its Silicon Valley Thinking approach, and its culture of innovation. Liquid's work encompasses brand strategy, brand identity, brand marketing, environmental branding, employee branding, digital branding and brand management. Liquid has helped launch new products and new companies, And it has helped revitalize existing brands; the agency has delivered complete retail merchandising solutions, interactive branding programs, integrated marketing campaigns, and comprehensive environmental branding projects. Liquid Agency's diverse set of global clients include Adobe, Cisco, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, Sony and Walmart.

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