A snapshot of our company.

Sometimes it's nice to get a quick summary of what a company is about. For just those occasions, here’s a snapshot of the basic facts and figures that define Liquid Agency. Here you can find information that ranges from when we started the company to what are our values.

Liquid Agency
San Jose: 448 S Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113
San Francisco: 251 Rhode Island Street, Ste 204, San Francisco, CA 94103-5168
Portland: 910 NW Hoyt Street, Portland, OR 97209
New York: 71 Fifth Avenue, Seventh Floor, New York, NY 10003
Europe: 20-22 High Street, Ruddington, Nottingham NG11 6EH, England
Latin America: Luis Pasteur 5280 OF. 203, Vitacura, Santiago de Chile
Scott Gardner CEO & President
Alfredo Muccino Chief Creative Officer
We have approximately 120 people on staff including brand strategists, creative professionals, project management specialists, architects, and web/digital experts. Our people, our approach and our clients have helped us become the No. 1 agency in Silicon Valley.
The list of clients we have had a chance to work with over the years includes some of the most respected brands in the world across a broad variety of B2B and B2C segments. We're happy to have worked with brands such as Adidas, Adobe, Budweiser, Cisco, Google, HP, Hitachi, Jeep, Logitech, LSI, Microsoft, Motorola, Nike, Seagate, Sony, VMware and Walmart. We have also worked with many emerging companies, like CareerBliss, Kareo, Meebo, Olive, Plastic Jungle, Mynd, Nexidia, Numonix, Olive, Slice, Sparxent, and many more.
We're a Brand Experience agency and we develop holistic brand experiences that help propel business forward. We do this by working with our clients in a highly collaborative way that embraces experimentation, curiosity and big thinking. From the very beginning, we set out with a clear purpose—help our clients create value for their businesses through smart and effective branding programs. Over time it became evident that the biggest opportunity for this rested in our ability to transform the way brands engage with their audiences. So, we decided to focus on creating unique, relevant and interesting experiences across the touchpoints that really matter.
Thankfully, we had the chance to be exposed to the way things are done in Silicon Valley—which has taught us to embrace innovation and inspired us to develop new methodologies and new tools. We call our approach Silicon Valley Thinking. More than just a new buzzword, Silicon Valley Thinking is a philosophical approach combined with a brand new process, and a completely new attitude. Silicon Valley Thinking takes design thinking farther by blending strategy, creativity and technology to create solutions that are more agile, innovative, efficient and effective. And this new approach is supported by a set of tools specifically designed to deliver innovative branding solutions for today's fast paced markets.
Starting with brand at the core, our services address the brand experience opportunities across key internal and external touch points. Our core strategic services are designed to help companies define and articulate the brand's purpose, structure and differentiation. From there, we focus on key experience touch points.The way we see it, brands have the chance to create positive and meaningful experiences through customer interactions, employee cultures, as well as product and service experiences. So, we've organized our service offerings to address these practice areas.
We've helped our clients launch new brands, or refresh brands that need to be infused with new energy. We also work with companies to create employee cultures that foster innovation and collaboration. We help design new products and service experiences; create packaging systems; craft retail merchandising solutions; develop sophisticated digital experiences; and design physical environments such as museums, trade show exhibits, and corporate offices. What is important is that regardless of what we're doing for our clients, we approach the work with the goal of creating amazing brand experiences. Because that’s how you build amazing brands.
For us, collaboration extends beyond the confines of our offices and our staff. We prefer to share ideas and shape solutions together as opposed to presenting concepts and seeking approval. In order to deliver on this idea, we've developed the Brand Team Model which encourages the kind of relationships that seek to erase the client/agency divide. In this model our clients become crucial collaborators and co-creators.
Liquid's work has been recognized for creative excellence in major regional, national and international competitions. Liquid has received ADDYs from the American Advertising Federation, and awards from the Business Marketing Association, the Western Art Directors Club, the Roseey's, the American Graphic Design awards, the International Association for Business Communication, the POPAI Association for Marketing at Retail, and many others.