It’s time to get innovative about branding.

At Liquid, good is simply not good enough. Neither is great. We strive to create brand experiences designed to be amazing, and we do it through what we call Silicon Valley Thinking – a new brand building approach inspired by the culture of innovation that is the hallmark of Silicon Valley.


Agile Strategy

Unlike traditional strategy, agile strategy looks for rough answers to the right questions. It’s fast, collaborative, and really effective. Our new approach allows strategy, research, and creative exploration to race along on simultaneous tracks. The result is a process that is fluid, dynamic and perfectly suited to the challenges of fast-paced markets.


Theory Frames

We believe that collaboration and innovation start with a common theoretical framework. Through our thought-leadership efforts, we’re continually adding to our models, and we freely share these ideas on our website, in our books, and at our bi-annual Brand Summits. We believe that it’s important to constantly look forward in order to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.


Talent Networks

Instead of adopting the traditional agency staffing model, we use collaborative talent networks to build teams with the right expertise for each assignment. We believe that it’s often better to engage a SWAT team in stead of a whole army of people. In our model, professionals with specific subject matter expertise come together at key points during a project and contribute their knowledge and skillsets. This keeps our thinking “liquid”, our schedules compressed, and our work fresh.


Brand Compass

Who are you and where are you going? In a shifting landscape of customers, clutter, and competitive challenges, a company can easily get lost. We work collaboratively with our clients to generate and edit a simple set of statements that express the “true north” for the product, service, or company. While we can’t control the marketplace, we can help brands find their way and be clear about their purpose and vision position.


Dynamic Roadmapping

To travel from point A to point B, it helps to have a map. But in a world where the landscape seems to be in a constant state of change, it’s better to have a map that adapts along the way. Dynamic roadmapping is a method for charting a flexible course ­— the kind that can be revisited when new knowledge and competitive responses come to light — creating an ongoing conversation about where the company and the brand are heading.


Business Modeling

New products, services, and business models are doomed to fail when disconnected from brand strategy. Our business modeling process is designed to help clients align business concepts with brand strategy, reducing the risk of failure while increasing chance of market disruption. We accomplish this through a collaborative process that challenges our clients to break through preconceptions, and imagine new market spaces.


Liquid Launch

At certain times in the course of business, transformation is not an option — it’s a business reality. Liquid brings specific solutions to critical junctures such as mergers, crisis, or periods of sudden change. We use proven processes and amazing partners to effectively address these situations — minimizing risk and optimizing brand value for those clients undergoing a major transaction.


Brand Culture

A brand culture is built on the inside through vision, values, and positioning. It’s understood on the outside through products, behaviors, and communications. When the inside and outside don’t match up, they create a level of dissonance that reduces opportunities for sustainable success. Liquid designs programs that go right to the soul of the company — helping create transformational change from the inside-out.


Global Footprint

The world is getting smaller and our clients need to reach customers across borders in countries with different languages, diverse cultures and often evolving economic conditions. Thanks to the people in our offices in Silicon Valley, Portland, Chile, and the UK we now have the ability to help brands expand across the globe. And in the future we expect that we will expand our reach to more places. We find that all too often the best way to achieve global success is to have a deep local perspective.


Liquid Workflow

Solving business problems requires a diversity of skillsets and methodologies across a wide range of disciplines. Liquid Workflow is designed to apply high-level organizing principles to our work enabling us to seamlessly orchestrate our efforts no matter if it’s strategy, digital or identity. Or all of them combined.

The right tools for the job.

Nothing new comes out of doing things the same old way. That’s why we’ve developed a new set of tools specifically designed to build amazing brands – the Silicon Valley way. These tools help us be faster, smarter and more effective in creating branding solutions for our clients – and transform these companies into amazing brands.