It’s time to get innovative about branding.

At Liquid, good is simply not good enough. Neither is great. We strive to create brand experiences designed to be amazing, and we do it through what we call Silicon Valley Thinking – a new brand building approach inspired by the culture of innovation that is the hallmark of Silicon Valley.

Amazing brands build a culture of innovation.

The dictionary definition of “amazing” is “to inspire awe, admiration or wonder”. Our definition of an amazing brand is a little different.

We believe that amazing brands start by having a clear sense of purpose which helps attract the very best talent and foster a culture of innovation. These are the brands creating the kind of innovative products and services that help enrich people’s lives. By the way, amazing brands often do this while using our planet’s natural resources responsibly, and by playing a positive role in their communities. In the process of doing all these things right, amazing brands turn a tidy profit—which enables them to grow, creating jobs and security for their employees and their families.

Helping companies transform into amazing brands is what inspires us to go to work every day. We believe this is how we can make a difference in the world. And this is what’s helping us attract some of the best people in the industry, and is helping us innovate, and become an amazing brand ourselves.