The Liquid WorkFlow™

The best way to create disappointment is not to clarify expectations. That’s why we’ve developed our own process for delivering work that is not only remarkably on target, but also eliminates the kind of surprises that no one appreciates - like the ones that have to do with budget and schedules.

This part of the process involves the various activities leading to the approval for Liquid to proceed with the project.

Here's an outline of the key items:

  • Review the client's RFP/RFQ to gain a clear understanding of the objectives and parameters.
  • Assign senior level resources to manage the response, identifying team and process.
  • Leverage the Liquid Extranet to post comments, share documents, include contact info for key team members.
  • Submit proposal and revise as needed to meet client’s requirements such as, scope, process, budget, legal, etc.