The Liquid WorkFlow™

The best way to create disappointment is not to clarify expectations. That’s why we’ve developed our own process for delivering work that is not only remarkably on target, but also eliminates the kind of surprises that no one appreciates - like the ones that have to do with budget and schedules.

Phase 2: Develop.

This phase involves exploring and refining a variety of directions, and ultimately selecting a final approach. Our standard process includes up to three round of presentations during the Development phase:

Round 1: Exploration

3-5 different directions give us and our clients an opportunity to consider a variety of approaches.

Round 2: Evolution

We evaluate the options with our clients, and select a maximum of two directions to evolve further.

Round 3: Refinement

Once a direction has emerged as the winner, we apply the approach to the various deliverables within the scope of work - and fine tune the details prior to moving onto production mode.