Silicon Valley innovation in Europe?

Liquid was started in Silicon Valley, where we’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world. From this experience we’ve developed fresh new methodologies that allow us to transform brands from the inside out, and now that we have an office in the UK, we’re able to deliver highly effective branding programs to amazing clients all over Europe.

Liquid Agency Europe
20-22 High Street, Ruddington, Nottingham NG11 6EH, England
Mark Shaw President, Liquid EU
Our team in the UK includes approximately 10 experienced and talented brand strategists, writers, designers, project managers and digital experts. Everyone on our European staff is trained to deliver work that is informed by Silicon Valley Thinking - a methodology that we use across all of our offices, guaranteeing not only a seamless experience for all of our clients - but also a commitment to innovation.
Our European client experience includes work for Cisco Capital, Europcar, Perkins, St. Petersburg (Pulkovo) International Airport, UK Trade & Investment, and The Pearson National Teaching Awards.
We believe that branding is an ongoing process that we think of as "transformation". We define transformation as the process of adaptation that businesses and brands must embrace to excel. The world around us is in a constant state of change, and the businesses and brands that respond to these changes effectively are those brands that will succeed in the long run. This requires that brands develop tools, processes and a culture of innovation. And here's where we can help. Our approach to solving branding challenges addresses brand touchpoints across the entire brand lifecycle.
We've identified five Brand Building Blocks: Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Expression, Brand Experience and Brand Management. From brand launch to brand revitalization programs, our focus is to create awareness, differentiation and preference for our clients' brands that leads to effective and sustainable transformation.
We’ve organized our services in four Practice Areas: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Digital Branding and Brand Environments. Within these areas, we deliver brand platforms, brand architectures, brand messsaging and brand positioning strategies. Additionally, we also develop names, logos, visual styles, guidelines, packaging, literature, advertising campaigns, websites, digital marketing programs, videos, as well as retail, corporate, and tradeshow environments.
The Liquid WorkFlow™, is a detailed process that is applied to every assignment, ensuring that projects consistently meet strategic, business and communication objectives as well budgets and schedules.
We have developed a set of web-based tools to facilitate collaboration with clients and vendors. These include the Liquid Europe online hub, a collaborative digital workspace, and client-specific Brand Exchanges and Brand Pools, secure file-sharing sites enabling the exchange of large files with vendors and clients.
The values that drive our behavior and our approach are: Confident Leadership, Refreshing Creativity, Maximum Efficiency, and Better Experience.