Alfredo Muccino, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Liquid Agency, traveled to Santiago, Chile to deliver a series of lectures on a variety of branding topics, including: Brand Building from a Silicon Valley Perspective; Branding and Service Design; Branding at Retail; and Branding as a Business Tool. The presentations provided insights on how branding can help companies create awareness, differentiation, preference and loyalty.

Day 1: “Brand experience and service design” at Adolfo Ibáñez University

Alfredo Muccino and Cristian Montegu, President and Executive Creative Director of MagiaLiquid, speaking at Adolfo Ibáñez University.

Adolfo Ibáñez University in Santiago is considered the top private university in Chile. Recently the university launched the new Center for Experiences and Services – and invited Alfredo Muccino, the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Liquid to talk about how branding can help shape the design of differentiated service design experiences. Alfredo was introduced by Rodrigo Morrás, Executive Director of the Center, who also thanked Cristian Montegu, President and Executive Creative Director of MagiaLiquid, for his role in the co-creation of the center and in the development of the programs that are offered at the University.

Day 2: “Startup FastCo: Dynamic entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley style” at iF Center.


IF Center is one of the largest and most important centers for entrepreneurship in Santiago. Here, Cristian facilitated a stimulating conversation with a group of Chilean entrepreneurs about how a Minimum Viable Brand can fuel a start up business. During the same talk, Alfredo shared a set of branding case studies of start up companies that embraced branding as an important strategic driver for the development of their products, services, culture and identity.

Day 3: “Brands & Beers” at JustPeople.


“Brands & Beers” was organized by MagiaLiquid in collaboration with BeST Innovation – an organization connecting industries with knowledge between Latin America and the global market. The event was held at JustPeople – a company that is reinventing how people work together through environmental design, shared space and collaboration practices. Executives from diverse industries attended to hear Alfredo share his views on how branding is helping shape the companies of the future – and of course to enjoy some cold Chilean beer.

Day 4: “Discover the Future of Retail” with Cencosud executives.


Cencosud, an important client of MagiaLiquid, is the largest retailer in Chile, and the company behind brands like Jumbo, Paris and Santa Isabel. Their leadership team assembled the top executives from their various business units to attend a special presentation by Alfredo on the subject of branding at retail. Alfredo’s talk touched upon the challenges and opportunities in today’s complex retail models – and how strategic branding practices can drive the creation of differentiated brand experiences designed to add value to the relationship between retailers and consumers. The lecture took place in a movie theater inside one of the massive shopping centers owned by Cencosud – and it was followed by a serious of private workshops to discuss how branding can lead to preference, loyalty and growth.


We’d like to thank Cristian Montegu and the wonderful people who work at MagiaLiquid – our agency partner in Chile – for organizing this trip and the presentations that came out of it. We appreciate MagiaLiquid’s commitment to educating companies in Chile about branding and how it can help them become extraordinary companies.

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