At Liquid Agency we're interested in the potential of design to improve the human condition, and we appreciate innovations that offer us new and better ways to interact with the world and with each other. The recent "Innovation by Design" exhibit at Liquid Space PDX, our experimental gallery in Portland, features a collection of diverse products that challenge the status quo in the worlds of furniture, art, apparel, medical devices, toys, typography, photography, jewelry and more. We hope you'll get a chance to stop by and see it, but in case you can't we've included a digital version of the exhibition below.

Design can save your life or simply make you smile. 
The objects in the “Innovation by Design” exhibit could save your life on the battlefield, help you run a faster, more comfortable mile, or simply make the mundane act of slicing bread more interesting. The exhibit is on display at Liquid Space PDX, the experimental gallery housed in the ground floor of our Portland office. Featuring the work of Ziba, Nervous System, Nike Labs, and many others, the exhibit celebrates innovative products across a wide variety of categories designed by local as well as international firms.  ”At Liquid, we appreciate design that improves the human condition,” explains Alfredo Muccino, the agency’s Chief Creative Officer and primary curator of the show. “Some of the products in this exhibition leverage new materials or new technologies, while at other times they take an unexpected approach to a familiar challenge. Some of these innovations may save lives, others may save resources—and others simply make us smile.”


The opening reception was a lot of fun. 
The Pearl District in Portland is a bustling place during First Thursday—the monthly event when many neighborhood galleries open their doors and entice art patrons and the general public to celebrate the art on display while enjoying complimentary beverages. This fun event is one of the reasons we moved to this particular Portland neighborhood—and the “Innovation by Design” exhibit was our first opportunity to participate in the festivities. The opening reception held on May 1 was well attended by members of the local art and design community as well as folks who wandered into the gallery lured by the design of the objects on display, and by the groups of people enjoying food, beverages, and the celebratory atmosphere. The exhibit will be on display at through August 1, 2014. The Liquid Space PDX gallery is open by appointment. Please contact if you’d like to schedule a visit.


View the Innovation by Design exhibition catalog available on slideshare


Check out the exhibition catalog and purchase a limited edition poster.
“Innovation by Design” originated at the agency’s Silicon Valley headquarters in San Jose. The Portland show includes work by local design firms, artists, and craftspeople like Ziba, Nike Labs, Renovo Bikes, Plazm Design, and Zach Dougherty—as well as work created by people from outside of the area, like Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg for Nervous System, Karim Rashid, Bernd Liebert, Scott Herbst, Niels Romer, Ken Holden, and Philip Quiros. Please take a look at the exhibition catalog for photos and details about each of the items in the show. Alfredo Muccino and Jameson Spence also designed a limited edition poster to celebrate the event. The 18″ x 24″ poster is digitally printed on acid-free, archival stock and is available for $50—if you are interested in purchasing one of the twenty copies, please email us at We’d like to thank the people that attended the event in person, and hope that you will join us for our next gallery opening. In the meanwhile, please feel free to post a comment and/or share the Innovation by Design exhibition catalog featured on SlideShare.


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  1. Justin

    Looks like an amazing event, can’t wait to see the full exhibit. Congrats to Alfredo and Liquid team!

    May 14, 2014

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