A couple of weeks ago, thanks to Design Week PDX, Portland became the center stage for a celebration of design. And Liquid Agency was happy to play a role in the festivities. We hosted a private party in our shiny new offices in the Pearl District, where we showcased some of our latest projects and our Silicon Valley Thinking approach. It was nice to see so many clients, partners and fellow designers come help us christen our new space. The next day Marty Neumeier held a standing room only talk at the Ace Hotel Cleaners that was inspiring and very well received. And we also hosted an open house that was attended by many friends and colleagues from the local design community.

Celebrating our new space.
We’re very excited about our new home in Portland. Located in the heart of the Pearl District, the new Liquid Agency is close to many great restaurants, coffee shops and boutique retailers. The large open spaces foster a culture of collaboration and impromptu sharing of ideas. So, in honor of Design Week Portland, we invited a few of our local clients, partners and friends to help us celebrate the new location. It was fun to see so many people show up and help us toast the recently refurbished office space. We also used the party as an opportunity to share some of the work we have been doing for clients like Walmart, Google, Budweiser, and more. And we unveiled a series of panels that showcase our philosophy about Brand Experience and our Silicon Valley Thinking approach.


An opportunity to experience Brand Experience.
We designed a set of panels that lined the walls of some of our conference rooms, and included video components with various levels of interaction—all designed to help explain why we’ve chosen to focus on Brand Experience as the vehicle by which we help our clients move their businesses forward. We featured a section focused on Product Design, and one on Service Design—two disciplines that will help shape the direction of our business in the coming years—as well as add value for our clients.


Lots of amazing people made for great conversation.
People flocked to Portland from our offices in San Francisco, San Jose and New York. And Marty Neumeier came up from Santa Barbara, giving many of our clients and friends a chance to meet him in person. In attendance we had also many respected brand and design professionals, like Richard Eisermann, former director of the UK Design Council; Chuck Eichten from Nike—where he is the Creative Director of Nike Design Archives; and the well known design guru David Carson—who many consider to be one of the most innovative designers of our times. We were joined by people with backgrounds in disciplines as diverse as strategy, typography, interior design, film-making, industrial design, service design and advertising—all of which made for engaging conversation and lots of fun.

A chance to meet Marty Neumeier and take the Metaskills Quiz.
Guests were able to talk in person with Marty Neumeier, our Director of Transformation and resident thought leader. Guests were able to take the Metaskills Quiz and discuss the results firsthand with the author. The Metaskill Quiz is a simple test that helps people assess their personal talents, and is part of a study that Liquid Agency is conducting in conjunction with Marty’s latest book, Metaskills. The book is considered a compass for visionary leaders, educators and policymakers, and a creative framework for designers, engineers and artists—enabling people in diverse professions to envision new ways to create value together.


Marty Neumeier gave an inspiring talk for Design Week Portland.
Design Week Portland featured literally hundreds of events during the week-long celebration. However, few of these events were better received than Marty’s talk at the Cleaners  space at the Ace Hotel. The talk was standing room only, and Marty answered numerous questions from an engaged audience following his insightful presentation. And we were happy to raise awareness for design education and donate all event proceeds to the AIGA Portland Design Education scholarship.


A big thanks.
We would like to thank all of our guests. Especially those who traveled far to help us make Design Week Portland a success. It was fun to see so many people we had not seen in a while. We would like to thank all of our clients, who have helped us become the No.1 agency in Silicon Valley by trusting us to work along with them and for being incredible collaborators and co-creators of remarkable brand experiences. Lastly, we’d like to thank all of the people at Liquid who worked so hard to make the week so much fun. It’s truly a pleasure to work with so many smart, talented, hard-working and fun-loving people. It was super nice to celebrate our accomplishments and our good fortune together.


  1. Alfredo Muccino

    It’s always nice to spend time in Portland. It’s a great city, with a fantastic creative community. It was especially nice to be there during Design Week PDX. And it was a pleasure to host our little party and visit with so many of our friends there. Thanks to all of you who helped pull it together – effortlessly and flawlessly!
    You know who you are and you ROCK!!

    October 23, 2013
  2. George Rogers

    It was such an amazing week for Portland and I’m proud to work for an agency that supports and participates in the community we work and live in. Thank you to all the great clients that came out and thanks to LA peeps for making both nights such a good time.

    October 23, 2013
  3. Josh Berger

    Thanks everyone, for being part of this celebration. It’s always great to share with and learn from the larger Portland design community. But it’s also equally important to take a moment to stop, reflect, and look at what we are building together. The work is exceptional, but the people are what really make it truly special.

    October 23, 2013

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