Yes it's finally here, the Best Practices Report from this year's Liquid Brand Summit, held in March at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palo Alto.

The Summit brings together the most influential thinkers and decision makers in the technology market to discuss relevant and timely topics about branding and marketing — with the objective of arriving at the best practices of tomorrow. Throughout the day, attendees participated in 10 sessions — with topics ranging from brand advocacy to building brand culture to managing social media — exchanging in an open dialog on the challenges they face and how they meet them.

We’ve gone through the notes from that day, done even more research on each topic and compiled a summary of the findings and best practices for each of the sessions. Get your copy of this year’s Liquid Brand Summit Best Practices Report. DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Once again, thanks to all the outstanding session leaders, speakers and attendees who helped make this day a valuable experience for everyone. We’re looking forward to having you all back again next spring.

Even more to come.
Watch for future articles we’ll be posting on this blog each month that take and even more in–depth look at each of the session topics from the Summit.

VIDEO: An interview with Robert Richman.
We also did a series of video interviews at the Summit with several session leaders, starting with Building Brand Culture, an interview with Robert Richman, product manager for Zappos Insights. Here’s what he had to say.

Robert Richman, Zappos Insights, brand culture

About Robert Richman:
Robert Richman, Zappos Insights, brand cultureRobert Richman lives in Las Vegas, where he works for Zappos Insights, an off-shoot of that was started by CEO Tony Hsieh to show other companies how to create a workplace people love and a service customers rave about. Robert began his career in 1996 creating sites for U.S. Senators and co-founding the web strategy company Articulated Impact. He co-wrote the business plan for a new online venture from the Tony Robbins companies and has developed digital media strategies for The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard Magazine, and The National Leadership Institute. When Tony met Rob, he asked him to re-launch the Zappos Insights program – then a small web site with a staff of one. Rob has grown the program to a 12-person company, offering a range of experiences and services to educate companies about culture and to give insight into “what” and “how” has built such an amazing culture and brand.

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