Spring has sprung and so have we . . . if you haven’t heard, 2011 is shaping up to be quite a banner year for Liquid. Not only are we celebrating our 10–year anniversary, we also recently announced the opening of our first European office and we’ve been honored with dozens of design awards in the first three months of the year, including a much coveted “red dot” Product Design Award and a REBRAND 100 Global Award of Distinction. You can read about those in recent blog posts we’ve published.

We won a red dot award!

Aviat Networks is a winner!




Olive wins an American Package Design Award.
In addition, we also won an American Package Design Award for Olive, a company that makes High Definition Digital Music Servers. We’ve been very involved with Olive since the beginning, and we’re very proud of the success that the brand is enjoying.

You can read a case study on our work for Olive here.

Produced by Graphic Design USA, the Package Design Awards are given to packaging, point–of–purchase (p-o-p) and related projects that are visually attractive—but more importantly—are designed to advance the brand and forge an emotional connection with the purchaser.




More awards.
In addition to all the aforementioned awards, we’ve also won a HOW Logo Design Award for Tunerfish – an annual competition that brings forward some of the best and most clever logos. And to our delight, we’ve won numerous ADDY awards this year for the following:

Silver Addy / Logo: Tunerfish
Silver Addy / Logo: Local.com
Silver Addy / Logo: Cylenergy
Silver Addy / Logo: Careerbliss
Silver Addy / Logo: San Jose Parks Foundation
Silver Addy / Sales Promotion (POP): Adidas Mega
Silver Addy / Sales Promotion (POP): Hitachi

Yes, we’ve been busy, but don’t think we’re done just yet. As far as we can see, it’s only April, and that means things are just starting warm up  — and so are we.

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